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Ballhawk Dave has been chasing down baseballs both in and outside of Wrigley Field for the better part of three decades. Click on the links below, and to the left in the marquee, to follow Dave through daily updates , videos, and photos as he along with the other Ballhawks document the baseballs leaving the friendly confines during the 2017 Chicago Cubs Championship season.
If one were to imagine a being whose sole purpose on Earth is to chase baseballs, one might assume the subject would look like this; a young boy, perhaps in his teens, maybe a couple years older, quick on foot and aggressive to a fault. He carries a glove, has the latest Nike shoes, wears Bolle sunglasses and a backward Cubs hat. The description would be wrong.......
                Waveland Avenue
Going Yard; most of us have heard the term, but there is only one place in major league baseball where that saying is sometimes used literally. And that's Wrigley Field.
        Dave's Wrigley Field Stats
Click on year for photos*

   Year          Game HR        BP

       2016                4               42

       2015                0               52

       2014                5             102

       2013                3             110

       2012                4             105

       2011                4               64
   2010                6               76
   2009                6               70  
   2008                4               32
   2007                2               77
   2006                7               85
   2005               11             109
   2004                9              107
   2003                8              111
   2002               16             123
   2001                8              141
   2000               10             141      
1999               16             183
   1998                6              129        
1997                8                ---        1996                4                ---      1995

Faces of Waveland

Besides the BallHawks that "live" on Waveland     Avenue 81 days a year, dozens of people stop           by and visit daily. Some who work in and around Wrigley while others who make Wrigleyville their     home. There is always something going on at the   corner of Waveland and Kenmore.

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BallHawk Cam - Extreme Videos from The Corner

Waveland Cam  - View from high above Waveland

Waveland Catch - Play the Ballhawk Video Game

How Far did it Fly - REAL Homerun measurements

Little League Cubs - Hamlin Park Little League

Bonds HR 752 - Read the Story / See the Catch

Dave's Favorites

The Sosa Collection


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